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15 Years and Counting: Better Healthcare Access and Flexible Employee Payment Options for a Wisconsin Property Management Firm

Complex medical billing systems and rising out-of-pocket costs contribute to financial stress for employees. High healthcare costs are crushing and often cause employees to avoid care which can have negative long-term effects on their health and plan health. As an employer, Metropolitan Associates strives to provide their employees with the best available access to quality healthcare, along with flexible payment options.

Providing Healthcare Payment Services to Sport Clinic Physical Therapy, Helping Patients Get Back to Their Optimum Performance

SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy is a premier full-service physical therapy private practice with two locations: Mequon and Cedarburg. Their staff is trained and specializes in rehabilitating over 50+ medical conditions. The practice group was looking for innovative ways to optimize their billing and payment operations, so they reviewed several options and began working with HPS/PayMedix about fifteen years ago.

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