Providing Healthcare Payment Services to Sport Clinic Physical Therapy, Helping Patients Get Back to Their Optimum Performance


SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy is a premier full-service physical therapy private practice with two locations: Mequon and Cedarburg. Their staff is trained and specializes in rehabilitating over 50+ medical conditions.
The practice group was looking for innovative ways to optimize their billing and payment operations, so they reviewed several options and began working with HPS/PayMedix about fifteen years ago.

The Problem

As a provider and small business, SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy saw the benefit of partnering with an outside healthcare benefits technology company to take over the cumbersome billing, co-pay, and collections process. They wanted to simplify the billing experience for patients to eliminate any financial friction between their business and their care delivery.

The Solution

One simplified statement. Guaranteed credit.

They partnered with PayMedix SuperEOB®, which gives each patient one monthly consolidated statement, instead of separate and confusing bills for each medical treatment. With PayMedix, the patient is guaranteed full credit up to the OOP maximums, regardless of credit history, with the option to pay over time at 0% interest. PayMedix is changing the way people access, pay for and benefit from healthcare.

The Result

SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy has experienced a reduction in billing questions and confusion for patients. This has enabled SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy to focus on offering quality, individualized care, and prevention programs instead. Their team can focus on patient care and preventative programs to stay healthy.

The practice receives prompt payment for all in-network allowed charges in one single payment. They win with full, quick payments from the payor. It gets them out of the debt collecting business so they can focus on care delivery.

With HPS/PayMedix, the practice does not face the hassle of extensive prior approvals and oversight limits of other insurance companies on what services they can and can’t bill for, allowing practitioners to do what they need to for patients without restrictive oversight. In addition, the practice is made financially whole with a single HPS/PayMedix payment in a short amount of time. Because of the single HPS/PayMedix payment, there is no need to expend time or effort in collecting patient receivables. Collection costs and patient bad debt are eliminated with HPS/PayMedix on covered services.