PayMedix is the only healthcare payment solution that guarantees all payments to all providers. Credit for all patients. And simplicity for everyone.

And now it’s available nationwide no matter what HMO or PPO network is used.

Our Story

The PayMedix SuperEOB:
One simple consolidated statement for patients.

With simplicity and efficiency, PayMedix is changing the way people access, pay for and benefit from healthcare.

PayMedix is a proven success.







PayMedix began as the healthcare payment platform for Health Payment Systems (HPS), a privately held healthcare technology and services organization headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.

Our Team

Tom Policelli

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Marsella


Bob Chin

Chief Information Officer

Andy Schatz

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Motter

Chief Product and Innovation Officer

Jonathan Moss

VP Consumer Financial Engagement

Marie Foley

VP Provider Relations & Actuarial Services

Tina Snortum-Sergent

VP Partner Integration

Paul Mueller

Vice President of Business Development & Account Management

James Meyers

Director of Network Development

Jourdan Miller

Director of Marketing

Jim Higgins

Director of Actuarial Services

Katie Weiske

Director of Finance

Ashley Mahlik

Director of Sales and Marketing Operations

Melissa Hartnell

Provider Contracting Director

Colin Christiansen

Senior Systems Administrator

Diego Ornelas

Provider Relations Team Lead

Amanda Lappi

Human Resources Manager

Gigi Molina

Claims Processing Team Lead

Jennifer Wendling

Claims Processing Specialist

Gwen Flowers

Office & HR Administrative Assistant

Justin McConnell

Senior Accountant

Robert Loehner

IT Help Desk Technician

Lula Atkins

Senior Refunds Specialist

Kia Her

Senior Client Engagement Manager

Marian Bretl

Business Project Manager

Janet Gonzalez

Senior Refund Specialist

Yolanda Lovett

Client Engagement Manager

Kianna Jakes

Provider Database Specialist

Sam Frymark

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

Lisa Friend

Senior Payment Posting Specialist

Katie Blaufuss

Actuarial Analyst

Kelly Ragland

Operations Supervisor

Karla Buel

Repricing Specialist

Scott Schiesser

Senior Actuarial Analyst

Ilya Dubovis

Senior Software Developer

Pamela Malone

Client Engagement Manager

Rebecca Kirchen

Product Manager

Alexis Edwards

Provider Database Specialist

Martina Spence

Provider Database Support

Scott Lamers

Senior Software Developer

Anna Hladilek

Repricing Specialist

Elois Welch

Payment Posting Specialist

Noah Wagenknecht

Actuarial Analyst

Richard Solabi

Senior Business Analyst

Chitti Gummadi

Senior Software Developer

Samuel Wright

Senior Software Developer

Grigoriy Gurariy

Senior Software Developer

Our Board & Advisors

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