Innovative technology transforming the healthcare payments system.

PayMedix has enabled HPS to process $4.5 billion in medical payments. And now, PayMedix is available to bring a solution to Providers, Patients, Employers, TPAs, and Brokers anywhere.

PayMedix is a transformative Buy Now, Pay Later technology platform that simplifies America’s complex, inefficient and costly healthcare billing and payments process.

Guaranteed payments. No collection risk.
Healthcare providers that accept PayMedix eliminate the risk of non-payment, and get guaranteed payment upfront for all in=network patient deductible and OOP bills.

A Single Simplified Statement
Patients get one simple, consolidated statement listing deductible and OOP charges from all providers, and the option to pay over time at 0% interest.

Credit for all employees and all charges
Regardless of their individual credit history, PayMedix gives all employees credit for all in-network allowed charges, including chronic conditions, up to their deductible and OOP maximum.

A better solution for businesses
With PayMedix, TPAs and Brokers can offer an advanced, affordable solution to their clients that gives all employees a simple understandable bill, and credit to cover their deductible and OOP maximum.

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