15 Years and Counting: Better Healthcare Access and Flexible Employee Payment Options for a Wisconsin Property Management Firm

Metropolitan Associates is one of the largest property management firms in southeastern Wisconsin, boasting a diverse selection of over 4,000 apartment homes across 30 prime locations. In business since 1954 and self-funded since 2009, the firm is a full-service company consisting of market-rate and government-subsidized apartments. Metropolitan Associates is one of Wisconsin’s largest and most experienced owners and managers of government-subsidized housing.


Complex medical billing systems and rising out-of-pocket costs contribute to financial stress for employees. High healthcare costs are crushing and often cause employees to avoid care, which can have negative long-term effects on their health and plan health. As an employer, Metropolitan Associates strives to provide their employees with the best available access to quality healthcare and flexible payment options.

The Solution

Since switching to HPS/PayMedix over fifteen years ago, Metropolitan Associates has not experienced any issues with healthcare coverage or access, with 100% network utilization. And, management credits the HPS/PayMedix payment solution for reducing employee stress over healthcare payments.

PayMedix, a data-driven medical payments solution that guarantees Metropolitan Associates:

Credit for all employees and all in-network charges. PayMedix automatically enrolls all employees regardless of credit history. Employees get one simplified bill that summarizes all their charges, flexible payment options, and increased financial protection for their families. PayMedix is the easy way to help employees access and pay for the care they need.
The PayMedix SuperEOB. A simple billing and payment experience. And a valuable benefits retention tool.


Medical Claim Trend in the Past Two Years. Compared to HPS BOB 2.9% (National Avg: 5.4%)*


in Interest-free Loans Has Been Extended to Employees Since its Inception in 2009

OVER 70%

of Employees Have Taken Advantage of the PayMedix 0% Interest Rate Extended Payment Plans

*Trend based on Metropolitan Associates plan year to determine their trend which was 7/1 – 6/30 so used the comparative HPS BOB trend for that same period.

The Results

While Metropolitan Associates is thrilled with the broad network and billing simplification HPS/ PayMedix brings to its employees, the plan also needs to be cost-effective. With the help of their Third-Party Administrator, Auxiant, and broker, Ashley Johnson of Vizance, they have built a sustainable benefits program.

Most recently, Metropolitan Associates experienced a 2-year medical cost trend of -3.2%, well below the national average of 5.4%.* HPS/PayMedix has provided flexible financing and simplified billing since 2009, extending $1.2 million in loans to employees, irrespective of credit history, reducing stress and access delays. Over 70% of employees have taken advantage of PayMedix’s 0% interest extended payment plans, maintaining existing doctors and benefiting from an extensive network and efficient service utilization. With the PayMedix SuperEOB, employees get one simplified bill summarizing all their charges, flexible payment options, and increased financial protection for their families.