HPS/PayMedix Joins the Health Rosetta Ecosystem to Further Expand Access to Affordable Healthcare Payments

MILWAUKEE, WI | August 02, 2023 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

 Health Payment Systems, Inc. (HPS)/PayMedix announced today that it has joined the Health Rosetta ecosystem as part of the expansion of its HPS provider network in Wisconsin and the national expansion of its novel PayMedix financing solution. Health Rosetta is an organization designed to help employers, employees, and other purchasers of healthcare services navigate the complexity of healthcare financing and benefits, bringing solutions that already work to a wider range of businesses and patients.

HPS/PayMedix can now increase its ability to offer a benefit that promotes better health for all employees and decreases costs for all participating employers within the Health Rosetta network. HPS/PayMedix gives self-funded employers across Wisconsin access to an effective independent provider network that provides a range of care choices among 96hospitals and 27,000 physicians, a uniquely simplified billing experience through its SuperEOB®, and a payment system that saves valuable time and cost through its PayMedix financing solution.

“Joining the Health Rosetta ecosystem supports our goals to improve health equity for all of a company’s employees by providing them with access to affordable payment options through PayMedix as well as competitive discounts through our HPS provider network,” said Tom Policelli, CEO of HPS/PayMedix. “Our research shows that employees are more likely to take from their savings or skip paying for essentials, like food and utilities, when they are hit with an unexpected medical bill. Worse, they are avoiding care because they are concerned about cost. By establishing a payment plan directly with the patient, we not only give them peace of mind that their bills are covered, but we reopen access to the care they need.”

Health Rosetta began with the goal of improving transparency and accountability among insurance brokers, helping employers keep healthcare costs in check, and encouraging the adoption of evidence-based practices in healthcare delivery to help individuals be more informed consumers of their healthcare services. Health Rosetta helps benefit brokers partner with employers to find healthcare cost savings of 20 to 50% while improving the quality of healthcare for all Americans. A big part of these savings come from carving out unnecessary fees and conflicts of interest and improving primary care benefits. Goals that HPS/PayMedix have been implementing for over a decade in the state of Wisconsin.

“We are excited to welcome HPS/PayMedix to the Health Rosetta ecosystem given the strength of the HPS provider network and the PayMedix patient financing benefit,” said Drew Leatherberry, Health Rosetta Associate Benefit Advisor and President of Avergent. “Our collaboration can help promote a more equitable healthcare system on all fronts.”

Source: News Direct