How Reducing Confusion Can Ease Medical Billing Stress for Employees

Employees and employers agree that health care is a crucial benefit. Yet it’s the issue that causes the most stress, confusion and dissatisfaction among patients, employers and providers alike. 

November 14, 2022 – Employees get endless bills, statements and notices, but the information rarely adds up. They don’t know what they owe and to whom. Nor do they understand what’s been covered by health insurance and what hasn’t. But this distress gives employers (and their plan providers) an opportunity to bring clarity and relief to their employees and their families by simplifying their Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) statements, answering their questions, and showing them how to navigate their plans. 

Employers and plan sponsors can play a much more significant role in helping employees get the right amount of care at the right time, and show them how to avoid costly mistakes. By reducing confusion and providing a patient-friendly path for those who need it, employees can be better informed and more in control of their medical expenses. 

How Billing Became a Broken System

The financial burden of health care payments has tilted significantly toward consumers, who now find themselves buried in a blizzard of EOBs and “what you owe” statements. Read the rest of this article here.